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Suhsuan Wang

Born in Taiwan in 1995, she was admitted to HfMT Köln for a Bachelor of Music in flute performance, with Robert Winn as her instructor in 2014. She graduated from her Master's studies in 2020. Additionally, she studied piano and was accepted into the Master of Music program with majors in Chamber Music under the guidance of Jóse Louise Estelles and Travers Flute instructed by Leonard Schelb, all within the same year.

During her studies, she not only participated in the school orchestra but also took part in Köln Kammer Oper, being involved in several performances. In 2019, she received an invitation to perform at the Chamber Concert "Better World Project" in Issoire, France.

In 2020, she founded the Astro Woodwind Quintet, which earned an invitation to perform at the Rittergut Orr Music Festival in 2021. Throughout her school years, she had the privilege of receiving instruction from various flutists in different master classes, including Michael Martin Kofler, Roswitha Staege, Kate Hill, Marie-Christine Zupancic, Nuno Inácio, and Aldo Braeton.

Teaching philosophy


My teaching philosophy integrates personal expertise and learning experiences . I believe that each student is unique, with distinct learning styles and needs. Therefore, I emphasize tailored teaching methods to assist each student in leveraging their strengths and overcoming challenges.


I also aim to foster critical thinking in students, helping them understand the meaning and emotions behind music, and how to convey these elements through performance.


In teaching, I am committed to creating a positive, supportive, and inspiring learning environment. I encourage students to overcome setbacks, continuously challenge themselves, and derive a sense of accomplishment from their learning journey. Simultaneously, I stress the enjoyment and pleasure of music, allowing students to experience joy and satisfaction in their playing.


Most importantly, I believe that music is not just a skill, but also an art and a way of life. I hope to inspire students to find their unique voice and meaning in music.


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