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Tomoko Yanai was born in Yamaguchi, Japan and received her first piano lesson at the age of four. Winning prizes at numerous competitions and her great joy in playing the piano naturally led her to the decision that she would dedicate her life to music.


In 1995, she began studying music under Prof. Ibuki Horiuchi at the renowned Nagasaki University. As well as Piano performance and Pedagogy , she pursued various studying such as Contemporary Civilization Studies and Political Science, Developmental Psychology and Educational Sociology , which let her gain a broad outlook on world affairs and realize the importance of education, which made significantly influence on her later career.

Yanai got full tuition scholarship for whole her 6 years’ studying and successfully completed receiving her artist diploma and master's degree with honors in 2002. And the same year she established her own piano studio and started giving lessons at various schools as well as she continued performing many concerts as a solist and chamber musician.

After winning 2nd prize at Seiler International Music Competitioon (Italy) in 2005, she focused on performances throughout Japan, Italy and the USA, whereupon she moved to Washington D.C. in 2008.

She has taught at Stella Maris Junior high School and High School, Genyokai Music Studio, Seven Seas International school and worked with more than 1000 pupils.

Through her long-term experience as a piano teacher and teaching students of different age groups in different countries, Yanai has developed strong communication skills, cultural sensitivity and a pedagogical teaching concept, of which she is convinced not only to make music accessible to all children , but also to guide them to develop their better understanding and love for music. Yanai’s lesson is focused and gratifying, and bringing out her each pupils’ best abilities to play the piano with artistic and emotional development.

Since 2018, Yanai has been teaching at G. F. Handel Music Academy. Her passion for teaching and dedication to the next generation will keep making further leap.

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