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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will my child receive private or group lessons?

A: At the G.F. Handel Music Academy, we believe that the best way to learn an instrument is through private lessons. Every child learns at a different rate and has different needs; therefore, we only offer instrumental lessons in a one on one setting, in order to provide you child with the best learning experience. However, we also believe in sharing music with others and playing as part of a group. That is why we have founded different ensembles and bands for our private students, so that they can also experience the art of making music together.


Q: How long and how often are the music lessons?

A: You can choose between 30- and 45- minute lessons for your child. The lessons take place weekly.


Q: Why do I also have to pay during the holidays, when my child is not reveiving any lessons?

A: We have added up all of your child’s lessons and divided them into an even number of weeks, in order to create a more regular and simpler payment process. You are therefore paying less than the actual price of a single lesson every week, but on a regular, pause-free basis.


Q: Is it possible to quit anytime?

A: In order to ensure our highly qualified teachers with a regular schedule and the security of knowing how many hours they will teach, it is unfortunately not possible to interrupt the contract at any time. However, there is a two-week trial period commencing with the first lesson and you may terminate your contract at any time during the trial period. It is also possible to interrupt your contract thrice a year, on April 30th, August 31st and December 31st, by submitting a notice of termination 3 months before one of these three dates.


Q: Do I have to buy an instrument for my child?

A: The Music Academy rents out high quality instruments to the students of the school for a charge, which is listed in the schedule fees. The student is liable for all damage to the instrument and accessories or for loss during the rental period, and it is highly recommended to insure the instrument. Should you wish to buy your own instrument, our teachers will be happy to assist you in the process.


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